We are deeply committed to making roads safer for the people who use them every day.



Haris Zia

Senior Transportation Engineer

Paul Durdin

Transportation Group Manager, Director

Our road safety team includes both transportation engineers and spatial professionals, who develop and deliver analytical tools to transportation authorities. We help clients to improve their understanding of road safety risk across the network, extract meaning from data and streamline risk assessment methods.  Our specialist advice provides clarity for decision-making, successful funding applications and more effective road safety policies.

The work we do is aligned with the Safe System principles that accept:

  • People make mistakes
  • People are vulnerable
  • We need to share responsibility
  • We need to strengthen all parts of the road system

We are proud to have received numerous international awards for our road safety work with national and local governments across Australia and New Zealand – and prouder still of having played a vital part in saving lives.

Our road safety “toolbox” provides a comprehensive range of services including:

  • Network risk assessments
  • Risk assessment tools
  • Programme prioritisation
  • Speed management
  • Procedures and guidelines
  • Crash estimation
  • Commonality identification
  • Enforcement deployment
  • Safe routing



Our transportation specialists were formerly known as Abley Transportation Consultants but are now a proud part of our new, integrated Abley brand.