We are deeply committed to making roads safer for the people who use them every day.



Haris Zia

Senior Transportation Engineer

Paul Durdin

Transportation Group Manager, Director

The Strategic Road Safety team at Abley includes both transportation engineers and spatial professionals.

Our specialist advice and proven methodologies facilitate proactive risk assessment, smarter investment decisions, more effective road safety policies, and ultimately, safer roads. 

Our road safety “toolbox” provides a comprehensive range of services including:

  • Network risk assessments
  • Risk assessment tools
  • Programme prioritisation
  • Speed management
  • Procedures and guidelines
  • Crash estimation
  • Commonality identification
  • Enforcement deployment
  • Safe routing

While our services can be provided independently, they form part of a wider, innovative road safety model we call “Discover. Distil. Deliver.” This strategic model provides a contextual approach that enables clients to deploy road safety solutions with greater precision, efficiency and effectiveness. 

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  • Starting with the big picture
  • Focusing on risk identification 
  • Using tactics to achieve wide reaching outcomes 

Our approach is proven through experience and application. 

Abley’s unique approach is independently validated, globally recognised and award winning. It has been tested, developed and utilised for a number of clients and across a range of rural and urban contexts in Australia and New Zealand. 

Our approach is delivered through various packaged solutions.

Informed by our holistic approach to road safety, we have developed and delivered a range of solutions that can be tailored to the particular challenges at hand.

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